Sentence Examples

  • The coils and branches of the tube are packed by connective tissue and blood spaces.
  • The connective tissue is supplied normally with a certain amount of these mucinoid substances, no doubt acting as a lubricant.
  • (Many such changes are usually grouped together under the heading of " inflammation " of varying degree--acute, subacute and chronic.) Degeneration and death of cells, haemorrhages, serous and fibrinous exudations, leucocyte emigration, proliferation of connective tissue and other cells, may be mentioned as some of the fundamental changes.
  • The classification into epithelial organs, connective tissues, and the more specialized muscle and nerve, was largely due to him; and he proved the presence of neuroglia in the brain and spinal cord, discovered crystalline haematoidine, and made out the structure of the umbilical cord.
  • 2, Older flower,with connective drawn back, and elongated style.