Sentence Examples

  • They don't give the amount of detail that you can get from O'Neill, but it offers UV protection, long sleeves and a hood, along with a board short connector in the form of a loop and a mesh-lined back utility zippered pocket.
  • Connect the side of the cold water supply hose with the large connector to the cold water side of the faucet and the other side to the cold water shut-off valve.
  • RCA RC127i: In addition to providing a 30-pin dock connector for Apple iDevices, this alarm clock has at least two other critical features that make it unique.
  • You can order the USB Connector direct from Nintendo for $34.95 + shipping at the Nintendo Online Store, and it can be plugged into any PC with USB ports.
  • With the iPad, you get a dock connector to USB cable, power adapter, SIM eject tool (only included with the Wi-Fi and 3G model), and documentation.