Sentence Examples

  • It is a conglomeration of corporations.
  • According to Asinius Quadratus their name indicates that they were a conglomeration of various tribes.
  • Every one of the kingdoms grouped round the two sovereigns who shared modern Spain was itself a loose conglomeration of classes.
  • A Conglomeration of Independent Principalities.
  • Thus the protoand per-salts of iron, as well as the protoand per-salts of tin, including also a large variety of tannin, sumac, divi-divi, chestnut, valonia, the acacias (Areca Catechu and Acacia Catechu from India), from which are obtained cutch and gambier, &c., are no longer used solely as mordants or tinctorial matters, but mainly to serve the object of converting the silk into a greatly-expanded fibre, consisting of a conglomeration of more or less of these substances."