Sentence Examples

  • She had forgotten who she was confiding in.
  • Thus ended Mehemet Alis first massacre of his too confiding enemies.
  • I've been so wrapped up in … He paused, obviously realizing who he was confiding in, and then continued.
  • They argued that it would be much more difficult to carry out a success ful coup d'etat when the good-natured, confiding emperor had been succeeded by his more suspicious and energetic daughter.
  • After the death of the latter Adrian was appointed, on the 14th of March 1518, general of the reunited inquisitions of Castile and Aragon, in which capacity he acted till his departure from Tarragona for Rome on the 4th of August 1522: he was, however, too weak and confiding to cope with abuses which Jimenes had been able in some degree to check.