Sentence Examples

  • Kant himself corrected the mistake, at the same time highly commending the work.
  • Commending the Christian religion over against all non-Christian rivals or gnostic perversions.
  • Hostilities were at the moment imminent between Milan and Venice; it was doubtless on that account that in the letter commending himself to the duke, and setting forth his own capacities, Leonardo rests his title to patronage chiefly on his attainments and inventions in military engineering.
  • China was in his eyes drifting from its ancient moorings, drifting on a sea of storms " to hideous ruin and combustion "; and the expedient that occurred to him to arrest the evil was to gather up and preserve the records of antiquity, illustrating and commending them by his own teachings.
  • To this policy of dependence upon Rome Antipater adhered, and he succeeded in commending himself to Mark Antony and Caesar in turn.