Sentence Examples

  • Ephippodonta; commensal with shrimp Axius.
  • Drilophagus and Albertia are parasitic on the surface or within the gut of Naid Oligochaete worms: Seisonaceae are ectoparasitic on the Crustacean Nebalia, Proales werneckii forms galls within the Conferva Vaucheria, and P. parasita infests the central jelly of the Phytoflagellate Volvox; P. petromyzon is a frequent commensal in the gill cavity of some Cladoceran Crustacean Eurycereus lamellatus.
  • Lepton; commensal with the Crustacean Gebia; British.
  • Scioberetia; commensal with a Spatangid.