Sentence Examples

  • The necessity of devising compromises with men who had formerly been his tools fretted him both in mind and body.
  • I don't see how telling us what the case is about, who the litigants are and who's the attorney compromises anything.
  • Histories of any value are necessarily compromises between the biblical traditions and the results of recent investigation, and those studies which appear to depart most widely from the biblical or canonical representation often do greater t justice to the evidence as a whole than the slighter or more conservative and apologetic reconstructions.
  • But he entered into no diplomatic compromises; it was his deepest and most solemn conviction that the sacredoracles of Christendom embraced all the ideals of antiquity.
  • Finally, although Clay for his support of the compromises and Seward and Chase for their opposition have gained in reputation, Webster has been selected as the special target for hostile criticism.