Sentence Examples

  • Both the telegraph companies and the railway companies had incurred heavy commercial risks in developing the telegraph services of the country and only moderate profits were earned.
  • (After quickly and are either Hertwig.) set free in a mature condition or remain in the shelter of the polypcolony, protected from risks of a free life in the open sea.
  • Now it is evident that brokers in turn require some means of passing on the risks that they are bearing, or some portion of them from one to another, or of sharing them with other market experts, as they find themselves overburdened, and as their judgment of the situation changes.
  • There is a tendency for cautious spinners in England to run no risks and fix the prices of their yarn in accordance with quotations for actual cotton of specified qualities made by their brokers.
  • Owing to the great risks from fire the villages usually cover a large area of ground, and the houses are scattered and straggling.