Sentence Examples

  • There was something about Alex that commanded respect.
  • "Crew, to your guns!" commanded the officer.
  • "Careful there," a deep voice commanded Her concentration during the balancing act had been so focused that she hadn't seen Alex enter the kitchen.
  • At Marston Moor on the 2nd of July he commanded all the horse of the Eastern Association, with some Scottish troops; and though for a time disabled by a wound in the neck, he charged and routed Rupert's troops opposed to him, and subsequently went to the support of the Scots, who were hard pressed by the enemy, and converted what appeared at one time a defeat into a decisive victory.
  • Favor of peace, The Italian jron-clad fleet comnded by the incapable Persano, afier wasting much time at ranto and Ancona, made an unsuccessful, attack on the lmatian island of Lissa on the 18th of July1 an4 pn the 20th s completely defeated by the Austrian squadron, consisting wooden ships, but commanded by the capable Admiral ~ethoff.