Sentence Examples

  • On their advice he formally revoked the constitution (1852).
  • One after another proclamations and declarations were issued which deprived the Protestants of their rights under the edict; their position was rendered intolerable by a series of persecutions which culminated in the dragonnades, and at length on the 18th of October 1685 Louis revoked the edict, thus depriving the Protestants in France of all civil and religious liberty.
  • C. 70) revoked all former acts, and defined disease to mean cattle plague, pleuro-pneumonia, foot-and-mouth disease, sheep-pox, sheep-scab and glanders, together with any disease which the Privy Council might by order specify.
  • (1398), which created Chester into a principality to be held by the king's eldest son, was revoked by Henry IV.
  • Revoked his consent, as having been given under constraint.