Sentence Examples

  • ' The discharge certificates of sailors from the Classis Misenas and Classis Ravennatis belonged to Sardinians who had returned home after service in those fleets.
  • In every classis or presbytery there were two elders to each minister..
  • Apollinare in Classe, erected at the same time outside the walls of Classis, and now standing by itself in the lonely marshes, is the largest basilica existing at Ravenna.
  • In 728 the Lombard king Luitprand took and destroyed the suburb Classis; about 752 the city itself fell into the hands of his successor Aistulf, from whom a few years after it was wrested by Pippin, king of the Franks.
  • It is impossible to reproduce here Fiirbringer's elaborate details and phylogenetic trees with their various horizontal sections, but the following tables give the main outlines: Classis AvEs I.