Sentence Examples

  • The natives are officially described as Bosniaks, but classify themselves according to religion.
  • This has led certain geologists to classify the Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian into one grand system; E.
  • However this may be, the ogam alphabet shows some knowledge of phonetics and some attempt to classify the sounds accordingly.
  • Various attempts have been made to classify hypotheses and to distinguish "hypothesis" from a "theory" or a mere "conjecture": none of these have any great practical importance, the differences being only in degree, not in kind.
  • Thus on the 7th of November he had no knowledge of the mine, and it is only after Fawkes's examination by torture on the 9th, when the names of the conspirators were drawn from him, that the government was able to classify them according to their guilt and extent of their participation.