Sentence Examples

  • Some people argue that individuals can help circumvent this cost by investing in their local farmers markets or community supported agriculture (CSA).
  • While it's not specific to Restaurant City, the Cheat Engine is used extensively by players to do all sorts of things that circumvent the "normal" rules of the game.
  • Choosing to go into the phone's settings and only use the GPS when you need it can circumvent both of these problems, however, and keep the technology a useful tool rather than an annoyance.
  • In response to the risks, professional divorce counselors and child advocates have spent decades establishing proven methods to both circumvent common problems and treat the issues that do arise.
  • Considering how easy it is to buy [[Prepaid Cell Phones|pay-as-you-go phones], it's not hard for a teen to circumvent any monitoring system simply by using a different phone.