Sentence Examples

  • The descriptive term chewy isn't as un-appetizing as it sounds and refers to wines that are intense in flavor characteristics and are full-bodied.
  • Fondant is a thick, chewy kind of sugar paste that professional cake decorators often use to get that flawless flat look for a cake.
  • Bee pollen in its pure form consists of mainly indigestible, chewy husks - so the pollen must be processed into a supplement form.
  • I want to make them chewy so I can stuff them into toys and train the new puppy who goes on these running rampages around the house for 20 minutes while my other three dogs just sit and watch her.
  • While it is a little more expensive than Choice or Select rib roasts, the payoffs are in the flavor of the roast, as well as how chewy it is and how much inedible gristle there is in the meat.