Check-out Definition


(intransitive) To confirm and pay for goods and services at a facility (e.g.: supermarket, online store, hotel) when leaving.

Be sure to check out of the hotel before noon.
I'm done shopping, so I'll go check out now.

To withdraw (an item), as from a library, and have the withdrawal recorded.

He checked his favorite mystery out for the twenty-third time.
To record (someone) as leaving the premises or as taking something therefrom, as from a library or shop.
The desk clerk checked out the family that had been staying in room 322.
The library assistant was checking people out.

To examine, inspect, look at closely, ogle; to investigate.

He was hanging out at the beach, checking out the young women in bikinis.
He checked out the rumor, and managed to verify that it was true.
Check it out! Best prices in town.
Check this out! They just arrested the Mayor!
When you're there, check out the Cheddar Cheese Museum! It's a hoot!
Check us out on the Web at!

(computer science): To obtain source code from a repository.


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