Sentence Examples

  • Arran Mawddy and Cadair (Cader) Idris; to the W.
  • Much inferior in elevation to Snowdon or Cader Idris, Plinlimmon is certainly the most dangerous of the Welsh hills because of its quaking bogs.
  • CADER IDRIS (" the Seat of Idris"), the second most imposing mountain in North Wales, standing in Merionethshire to the S.
  • Mention of Cader Idris and its legends is frequent in Welsh literature, old and modern.
  • To S.E., and is itself adjacent to Aran-fawddy (2970 ft.), the highest point in the Cader Idris group. The system of Mid-Wales or Powys stretches from Cardigan Bay to the English border, and contains Plinlimmon (2462 ft.) in north Cardigan; Drygarn Fawr (2115 ft.) in north Brecon; and Radnor Forest (2163 ft.) in mid-Radnor.

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