Sentence Examples

  • The top flange consisted of cast iron hollow castings butted end to end, and the struts were of cast iron.
  • Each span has four steel double ribs of steel tubes butted and clasped by wrought iron couplings.
  • Among the city's manufactures are oxide of tin and other chemicals, iron and steel, leather goods, automobiles and bicycles, electrical and telephone supplies, butted tubing, gas engines, screws and bolts, silk, lace and hosiery.
  • Corners of signs and intersections of lines were first fixed by minute tube-drill holes, into which the hand tool butted, so that it should not slip over the outer surface.
  • This method ensures a clean-butted unfractured rod, but unless great judgment is exercised in selecting the proper time for cutting, the rods will remain double-skinned and the head may bleed.