Sentence Examples

  • The Butte, Anaconda & Pacific railway carries ore from the mines at Butte to the smelters at Anaconda.
  • Other discoveries about Butte followed, and the output of copper increased from I I,01I long tons in 1883 to 129,805 long tons in 1906, more than 99.6% from Silverbow county.
  • The " butte " soil of the W.
  • Very generally, especially in the butte regions, the country lends itself to the impounding of surface water.
  • Gold-mining and quartz-mining are its principal industries, and in 1907 Nevada county's output of gold (104,J90.76 oz., worth $2,162,083) was second only to that of Butte county (134,813.39 oz., worth $2,786,840) in California; the county is the leading producer 1 Died the 21st of September, 1890, and Frank Bell became governor by virtue of his office as lieutenant-governor.