Sentence Examples

  • Ultimately many of the old Manchester cotton dealers became brokers for their old customers.
  • The issue of this circular by subscribing firms, on the basis of particulars collected by brokers appointed at a weekly meeting, gave rise in 1841 to the Cotton Brokers' Association, to which the development of the market by the systematizing of procedure is largely due.
  • The college crowd from California State University, Sacramento gives the city a young, hip, and fresh vibe, while the politicians and power brokers at the state capitol provide the city with an air of importance.
  • For the same reason the city found itself compelled at first to connive at their illegal representation on 'Change, and then to violate its own rules by permitting them to act as brokers without previously taking up the freedom.
  • Spinning members preponderate, but almost all the Manchester cotton merchants and cotton brokers have also joined the association.