Sentence Examples

  • If someone brings you up to speed on what to know about stock buying and you feel confident about venturing out on your own, use an online brokerage firm (online firms save you money, as you do most of the buying and selling work yourself).
  • Wachovia offers individual banking features; mortgage organizations; commercial banking for the middle market; business, agricultural, and real estate lending; commercial real estate services and bank-owned insurance brokerage services.
  • The online software that you use is technically an online brokerage firm, but since you aren't getting any advice and since you have to enter and place orders yourself, you are essentially buying stocks on your own.
  • Some online outfits have adopted the brokerage model and are now offering public access to the otherwise restricted wholesale car auctions, while avoiding holding costs of inventory altogether.
  • Zander Insurance Group is an insurance brokerage, meaning they accept applications for insurance and then scour through available companies to find the best coverage at the lowest price.