Sentence Examples

  • Unencumbered by the demands of the mass market, modern architects were free to express their aesthetics in state-financed housing projects.
  • The anti-fog lenses on these goggles are angled on the upper portion to give swimmers an unencumbered forward view, while the lower half of each lens is angled to increase the overall field of vision.
  • The atmosphere of some classes may be sexually charged, although yogis in many naked yoga classes are extremely present and focused on their postures, a benefit of being unencumbered by clothing.
  • When you want to try all manner of wicked and wild moves on the surfboard, you need a good pair of freestyle board shorts to let you do whatever you want while feeling completely unencumbered.
  • If your gold is unencumbered it means that the gold is subject to physical delivery at any time and is not influenced by the financial abilities of the storage provider.