Hoot 'n' Holler Definition

An always-on two-way voice system that operates on a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint basis over physical four-wire dedicated circuits, with one transmit pair and one receive pair. A hoot 'n' holler system operates much like a full duplex paging system or intercom system. A typical application allows front desk or service counter personnel to press a button on a handset or a speakerphone and establish a point-to-multipoint connection to speakers, also known as squawk boxes or holler horns, positioned throughout the manufacturing or assembly floor, or the warehouse, where the personnel can respond by hooting (shouting) and hollering (shouting) into one of the microphones positioned around the area.Telephone companies use hoot 'n' holler systems to contact and converse with central office personnel who can just holler back rather than stopping what they are doing, perhaps climbing down a ladder, and running to answer a telephone, or perhaps just ignoring the call altogether. In such an application, multiple central office systems might be connected back to a central test and dispatch center by dedicated four-wire circuits. Financial and brokerage firms make extensive use of hoot 'n' holler systems for communicating market updates and instructions to brokers and traders on the trading floor. News agencies, publishers, power plants, refineries, and salvage yards all make extensive use of such systems.
Webster's New World Telecom