Sentence Examples

  • Toasters ovens, especially those that have enough wattage to function as a small oven or those that have special features such as broiling or browning, are complicated small appliances and many things can go wrong with them over time.
  • When cooked meats are to be used, carefully trim from the steak or roast any parts of fat or bone that have been burned in broiling or roasting, as these will give a bitter flavor to the stock.
  • Baking, broiling, and grilling are features found in most General Electric toaster ovens, and some have griddle attachments for cooking things like eggs and bacon.
  • The ideal cooking techniques are those that do not add unnecessary fat or calories, including baking, broiling, and grilling.
  • Add the steak to your marinade in the broiling pan and allow it to settle to room temperature (if it was refrigerated beforehand at home or the store).