Sentence Examples

  • The on-field action has always been tight, somehow finding just the right combination of arcade and sim-style play to satisfy gridiron junkies and stave off some serious competition over the years.
  • If you're in the mood to hit the gridiron for real, there are some seriously terrific football games to play on just about every video game system under the sun.
  • The amount of Madden 10 game modes in the newest game continues to support gamers that just want to jump in a play an occasional game, as well as the gamer who wants to rule the gridiron by controlling everything.
  • The city was laid out as a gridiron of parallel streets, each of which had an attendant subterranean canal.
  • Of the reptiles the leopard lizard and gridiron-tailed lizard, the " chuck-walla " (Sauromalus ater), the rattle-snake, and the horned toad are the most numerous.