Sentence Examples

  • Brock, General Robert E.
  • Provision was made in the design, by Sir Aston Webb, for the extension of the Mall to open upon Trafalgar Square, through gateways in a semicircular range of buildings to be occupied by government offices, and for a wide circular space in front of the Palace, with a statue of the Queen by Thomas Brock in its centre.
  • Of the Brock is Doon Hill (650 ft.), which overlooks the lower course of the stream and indeed the whole field.
  • BROCKVILLE, a town and port of entry of Ontario, Canada, and capital of Leeds county, named after General Sir Isaac Brock, situtated 119 m.
  • Through the influence of Lieut.-Governor Gore, supplemented by that of Sir Isaac Brock, Strachan was prevailed upon in 1812 to transfer himself to York, where he was soon deeply involved in civil and ecclesiastical politics.