Sentence Examples

  • The broch, which stands on a rocky promontory at the south-west of the isle, now measures about 45 ft.
  • Burra is a contraction of Bo?gar-oy, meaning "Broch island."
  • 1592), natural son of James V., the traces of a church which is believed to have been built by Jarl Thorfinn on his return from Rome, in which the remains of St Magnus reposed until their burial in Kirkwall Cathedral, and, on the Broch of Birsay (95 ft.
  • Burray (677) is famous for the broch from which the island takes its name (Borgarey, Norse, "island of the broch").
  • Adjoining the southern chamber is the inside stair conducting to the top of the broch; of this stair some twenty steps remain.