Sentence Examples

  • As a middle shade for the mixer, try using something with an orange shade (that's right, I said orange...give it a try) mixed with a warm gold tone, maybe with a slight shimmer, it will give your eyes life and brighten them up.
  • If your favorite flower is the Shasta daisy, and you love to have a bouquet of them to brighten up your breakfast nook in the summer, you might have to look elsewhere for a little pop of color and fragrance during the winter.
  • Opt for face-framing highlights: To help blend grey hair around your face, a few highlights are an affordable and low maintenance solution that also helps to brighten the complexion imparting a youthful glow while softening imperfections.
  • If you do come, you will want to ask the kind people of Boston to help brighten Tommy's whole life.
  • Just a touch, a smile from you can do so much to brighten my every day.