Sentence Examples

  • He breached her comfort zone in a way that left her shaken, scared.
  • A volcano-promontory at the Pacific end of the Tsugaru Strait: a finely formed cone surrounded on three sides by the sea, the crater breached on the land side.
  • Geological evidence shows that this gap was once bridged by a continuous isthmus which according to the temple records was breached by a violent storm in 1480.
  • Corps also had a successful day; the 32nd Div., advancing in conjunction with the 5th Australian Div., cleared Joncourt and Estrees and breached the Masnieres - Beaurevoir line on a mile front E.
  • The bay itself is a shallow indentation of the coast, and is fringed with high picturesque cliffs, breached in places by steepsided narrow gullies.