Sentence Examples

  • In the past forty-eight hours, there had been fifty perimeter breaches, all from the west wall.
  • Statistics of offences, including contravvenzioni or breaches of by-laws and regulations, exhibit a considerable increase per 100,000 inhabitants since 1887, and only a slight diminution on the figures of 1897.
  • They acted also as police courts in the case of petty thefts, breaches of the peace and the like.
  • It also provides penalties for breaches of duty by the seller, but grants him protection in cases where he is not morally responsible.
  • He determined to treat prisoners captured from submarines, in view of their breaches of the laws of war, with more severity than ordinary prisoners; but the Germans retaliated harshly on the most noteworthy English prisoners in their hands, and Mr. Balfour, on succeeding Mr. Churchill, gave up this discrimination.