Sentence Examples

  • Even the guy's boxers were neatly folded into squares that sat in the middle of the drawer.
  • The dresser contained neatly folded boxers and T-shirts but nothing else.
  • The growing power of Japan, seen in her wars with China and Russia, and the impotence of the Boxers against the European allies, made all classes in China realize their comparative impotence, and the central government began a series of reforms, reorganizing the military, educational, fiscal and political systems on Western lines.
  • He directed the peace negotiations with Spain after the war of 1898, and not only secured American interests in the imbroglio caused by the Boxers in China, but grasped the opportunity to insist on "the administrative entity" of China; influenced the powers to declare publicly for the "open door".
  • Boxing matches still occur, but the boxers participate voluntarily.