Sentence Examples

  • Mark Thatcher, an expert boatman who grew up on the Grand Canyon and later worked there as a river guide, started Teva Shoes over 20 years ago.
  • Clint Walker took on many small jobs to help his family make ends meet, including golf caddy, river boatman, and carnival worker.
  • But whilst all the organic processes in man go on mechanically, and though by reflex action he may repel attack unconsciously, still the first affirmation of the system was that man was essentially a thinking being; and, while we retain this original dictum, it must not be supposed that the mind is a mere spectator, or like the boatman in the boat.
  • Sometimes he is descriptive, as in his Polish poem entitled Flis (" The Boatman"), in which he gives a detailed account of the scenery on the banks of the Vistula.
  • But the captain drove him from the deck, and, wandering on in search of work, he fell in with a canal boatman who engaged him.