Sentence Examples

  • Boater straw hats, candyman suits, walking canes, gazebos in the square and oom-pah brass bands - that is the 'look' of the Village.The action, the dialog, the underpinnings, however - that's another story.
  • If you have a taste for vintage style and want an actual boater, you can find them at Gentlemen's Emporium, which specializes in reproduction clothing and accessories.
  • Whether you're a recreational fisherman or a commercial boater, you may need to buy boat and marine electronics to prepare yourself for the next excursion.
  • In this picture, both George Clooney and Matt Damon have their shoes off (proper boat etiquette as any boater will tell you) and Brad Pitt does not.
  • The straw boater, so called because it was worn by men punting down the river while at Oxford or Cambridge, became hugely popular.

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