Sentence Examples

  • "We advocate," he said, "nothing but what is agreeable to the highest behests of Christianity - to buy in the cheapest market, and sell in the dearest."
  • He who made man " to rule over all things under heaven," could He have given behests beyond man's ability?
  • His successors, Sir George Bowen, Sir James Ferguson, the marquess of Normanby and Sir Hercules Robinson, were content to be constitutional governors and to respect strictly the behests of the colonial office.
  • Christ continues to suffer in us even now when we do not live in accordance with the behests and spirit of his teaching.
  • The father, Mhlakza, went to see the men, who told him that they were spirits of the dead, who had come, if their behests were obeyed, to aid the Kaffirs with their invincible power to drive the white man from the land.

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