Sentence Examples

  • Bauxite occurs also near Ballintoy.
  • After being dried at loo° C., Antrim bauxite contains from 33 to 60% of alumina, from 2 to 30% of ferric oxide, and from 7 to 24% of silica, the balance being titanic acid and water of combination.
  • Of these hydrargillite or gibbsite, Al(OH)3, diaspore, A10(OH), and bauxite, Al 2 0(OH) 4, occur in the mineral kingdom.
  • Bauxite is a hydrated oxide of aluminium of the ideal composition, Al 2 0 3.2H 2 0.
  • In 1895 the British Aluminium Company was founded to mine bauxite and manufacture alumina in Ireland, to prepare the necessary electrodes at Greenock, to reduce the aluminium by the aid of water-power at the Falls of Foyers, and to refine and work up the metal into marketable shapes at the old Milton factory of the Cowles Syndicate, remodelled to suit modern requirements.