Sentence Examples

  • Be especially careful to follow a routine disinfecting schedule for the first few weeks after piercing, and you should be able to avoid the complications that could force you to remove your barbell and allow your piercing to close.
  • Portability - a set of dumbbells takes up very little room; even compared to a simple barbell, you can store dumbbells under the bed or on the bottom of a bookshelf so that they are both readily available and also out of the way.
  • All the equipment you really need for this plan is a bench, a barbell and a set of dumbbells, along with two chairs (for dips) and something that will support your bodyweight (tree branch, door jamb etc. -- for chins).
  • After your piercing has healed a bit more, you'll need to change over to a shorter length barbell for a better fit, but continue to keep your tongue rinsed clean of debris that could settle in around your jewelry.
  • There's an up-front cost of buying a bench with a pulley attachment, barbell, dumbbells and some plates, but that's it -- no annual fees or cost of transportation to and from a gym.