Sentence Examples

  • The bark, which is dark brown or reddish, and very durable, is used by Indians and backwoodsmen in the same way as the bark of B.
  • In December 1763 six Christian Indians, Conestogas, were massacred by the " Paxton boys " from Paxton near the present Harrisburg; the Indians who had escaped were taken to Lancaster for safe keeping but were seized and killed by the " Paxton boys," who with other backwoodsmen marched upon Philadelphia early in 1764, but Quakers and Germans gathered quickly to protect it and civil war was averted, largely by the diplomacy of Franklin.
  • Above the surrounding country and very narrow at the top, the battle of King's Mountain was fought on the 7th of October 1780 between a force of about loo Provincial Rangers and about r000 Loyalist militia under Major Patrick Ferguson (1744-1780), and an American force of about 900 backwoodsmen under Colonels William Campl;ell (1745-1781), Benjamin Cleveland (1738-1806), Isaac Shelby, John Sevier and James Williams (1740-1780), in which the Americans were victorious.