Sentence Examples

  • It is poignant to see a so down-to-earth a domestic tragedy acted out against so historical a backdrop.
  • Not surprisingly, the packaging is memorable, featuring tattooed roses and a skull, along with a banner stating "Love Kills Slowly" and several smaller banners proclaiming "Life," "Love" and "Luck" against a pink backdrop.
  • There are also particular pieces that include the pattern as part of the furniture, such as covered chairs, foot stools, ottomans, etc. Black iron and darker woods provide a beautiful backdrop for the bedding and accessories as well.
  • Grey's Anatomy (Began airing in 2005) - Grey's takes a page from ER's premise, but it really focuses more on the personal relationships of a group of young doctors and residents while using the medical cases as a backdrop.
  • If you grew up next to the ocean, your nuptials can still be special, including a backdrop of a location special to you and your fiancé - perhaps a strip of beach you walked on a first date, or the spot where he proposed.