Sentence Examples

  • In scientific and astrological works, the numerals, as, in Sanskrit, are expressed by symbolical words.
  • From this early astrological use the form of "glory" or "nimbus" has been adapted or inherited under new beliefs.
  • All these physical theories are blended with a mystical theosophy, of which the most remarkable example is, perhaps, the chemico-astrological speculations of Paracelsus (1493-1541).
  • He also finished his Tabulae Directionum (Nuremberg, '475), essentially an astrological work, but containing a valuable table of tangents.
  • The denotation of elements by symbols had been practised by the alchemists, and it is interesting to note that the symbols allotted to the well-known elements are identical with the astrological symbols of the sun and the other members of the solar system.