Sentence Examples

  • What was she thinking of – arousing him that way?
  • While arousing the enthusiasm of their inhabitants on behalf of France, he in private spoke contemptuously of them, mercilessly suppressed all outbreaks caused by the exactions and plundering of his army, and carefully curbed the factions which the new political life soon developed.
  • Far more lenient was Bonaparte's conduct towards a knot of discontented officers who, in April - May 1802, framed a clumsy plot, known as the "Plot of the Placards," for arousing the soldiery against him.
  • Meeting with an accident while he was wandering on the Palatine, and being detained in Rome, he passed part of his enforced leisure in giving lectures (possibly on Homer, his favourite author), and thus succeeded in arousing among the Romans a taste for the scholarly study of literature.
  • His conduct arousing suspicion, he went into hiding, and did not emerge again until after the fall of Robespierre.