Sentence Examples

  • BOWLS, the oldest British outdoor pastime, next to archery, still in vogue.
  • Yeomen were bidden to practise archery, to which they much preferred football and golf.
  • Archery contests also take place at intervals under the auspices of the Royal Company of Archers.
  • Apollo, in any case, is the young and beautiful archer-god of Homer; Artemis, his sister, is the goddess of archery, who takes her pastime in the chase.
  • From the remains of fortifications there he argues that the Hyksos were uncivilized desert people, skilled in the use of the bow, and must thus have destroyed by their archery the Egyptian armies trained to fight hand-tohand; further;, that their hordes were centered in Syria, but were driven thence by a superior force in the East to take refuge in the islands and became a sea-power--whence the strange description "Hellenic" in Manetho, which most editors have corrected to CtXAoi, "others."