Sentence Examples

  • There are a number of apps available for Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and other next generation smartphones that provide all of the features and benefits of web-based movie ticket resources all in the palm of your hand.
  • The MyTouch from T-Mobile is a touch screen phone that works on a 3G network, utilizes thousands of apps and Google tools, and allows you to instantly share your videos and pictures-you can even upload them directly to YouTube.
  • Even though some of these apps had been previously approved by Apple for publishing and distribution through the App Store, many were purged from the online marketplace due to an elevated level of sexual or suggestive content.
  • It's easy to be impressed by the specs of a smartphone, like the resolution of the screen, the amount of storage, and the speed of the processor, but perhaps the most important part of any modern smartphone are the apps.
  • TwittyTunes is a very fun Twitter plugin for IE and Firefox that automatically (or manually) posts the tunes that you're listening to over to your various status fields in Facebook, Twitter and other similar apps.