Sentence Examples

  • He put on his sunglasses, which did little to alleviate the headache sunlight gave him.
  • "It's supposed to alleviate bad moods," Dan said to Lana.
  • In 1901, after years of disastrous drought and famine, the government of India appointed a commission to examine throughout all India what could be done by irrigation to alleviate the horrors of famine.
  • But he'd won her as Kisolm's younger brother, Romas, had decreed, which should alleviate any accusations brought on by their clan, if Kisolm's father talked some sense into the arrogant crown prince.
  • During the disastrous plague of 1347-1348 Clement did all he could to alleviate the distress, and condemned the Flagellants and Jew-baiters.