Sentence Examples

  • In the summer, you can put on a knee-length nylon nightgown with short sleeves and enjoy the freedom of airflow and the cool fabric against your skin.
  • There are a number of ways to do this, but the easiest approach is to take the approximate square footage of your room and apply it to the following table to find a fan that will supply enough airflow.
  • Sleep apnea: A serious and potentially life-threatening sleep disruption characterized by brief interruptions of airflow during sleep and frequent partial arousals throughout the night.
  • Because fresh ingredients like lawn, garden, and kitchen scraps need heat, moisture, and oxygen, eco composters use an innovative airflow system providing a constant flow of oxygen.
  • LD: Miele's ultra-quiet Vortex Motor System™ delivers the powerful suction and airflow necessary to remove stubborn pet hair and is tested to last an incredible 20 years.