Sentence Examples

  • Episode five of HGTV's Design Star, which aired on August 20, started out with the four remaining contestants taking a moment to appreciate how far they had come in the competition - and worry that the stakes were only getting higher.
  • Much to the delight of viewers, a second series aired in 2003.After the completion of Pop Idol's second season, Cowell moved forward with The X Factor, a similar series that focused on finding the country's brightest pop star.
  • Not to be outdone by their print siblings, network television and radio also have a home in Llanview including WVLTV station, which aired Fraternity Row, One Life to Live's soap opera within a soap opera and WVLE radio.
  • Fans of the show, who requested a transcript of that particular episode, would have received written copies of the dialog, which aired that day, including this emotional scene between Anna and Dr. David Hayward (played by Vincent Irizarry).
  • This was more noteworthy in the 20th century in which the show was created and aired than in the 24th century in which the show takes place.Less often mentioned is that Janeway had the toughest job of any Starfleet or Star Trek captain.