Sentence Examples

  • Meanwhile he had been appointed physician advising on the establishment of a silk factory.
  • His reception was, however, cold, the bishop advising him to seek a livelihood in the town.
  • Voluinsky, however, now thought himself strong enough to attempt to supersede Biren himself, and openly opposed the favourite in the Council of State in the debates as to the indemnity due to Poland for the violations of her territory during the war of the Polish Succession, Biren advising that a liberal indemnity should be given, whereas Voluinsky objected to any indemnity at all.
  • The immense authority of the college centred in the pontifex maximus, the other pontifices forming his consilium or advising body.
  • La Vieuville thought to compromise by forcing the cardinal into a "council of despatches," with merely the privilege of advising the king's council but entrusted with no power.