Sentence Examples

  • Being compelled to leave the convention before its adjournment, he did not sign the instrument, but used his influence to secure its ratification by his native state.
  • In the debate abolishing the court of wards he spoke, like most landed proprietors, in favour of laying the burden on the excise instead of on the land, and on the question of the restoration of the bishops carried in the interests of the court an adjournment of the debate for three months.
  • The chief institutions for higher educa 1 Under the constitution of 1842 it was provided that there should be two sessions of the General Assembly annually: one at Newport in May, and the other in October to be held at South Kingstown once in two years, and the intermediate years alternately at Bristol and East Greenwich, an adjournment from the October session being held annually at Providence.
  • When the Commons met after the summer adjournment a new constitutional question was raised.
  • No law other than appropriation bills can go into effect until ninety days after the adjournment of the legislature, except in case of an emergency, by a vote in each house of two-thirds of all its members.