Sentence Examples

  • This result, accruing from British intervention, was in some respects similar to that exerted by Napoleon on the Italians of the mainland.
  • The interest accruing from it is added to the yearly sustentation contributions, and forms a central fund for ministerial support.
  • The bonds are secured on the surplus of the revenues assigned to the guarantee of the Anatolian railway collected by the Public Debt Administration, on the excess revenue, after certain deductions, accruing to the government under the " Annex-Decree to the Decree of Muharrem " above described, on the sheep tax of the vilayets of Koniah, Adana and Aleppo, and on the railway itself.
  • But shortly after the abolition of feudalism there had come into the possession of the former feudatories state loan-bonds amounting to some 18 millions sterling, which represented the sum granted by the treasury in commutation of the revenues formerly accruing to these men from their fiefs.
  • These sums, together with the considerable amounts accruing from indulgences, jubilees, and special fees, vanished as quickly as they were received.