Sentence Examples

  • Zwingli, who details these articles, as he says, that the world may see that they are "fanatical, stolid, audacious, impious," can scarcely be acquitted of unfairness in joining together two of them, - the fourth and fifth, - thus making the article treat "of the avoiding of abominable pastors in the church" (Super devitatione abominabilium pastorum in Ecclesia), though there is nothing about pastors in the fourth article, and nothing about abominations in the fifth, and though in a marginal note he himself explains that the first two copies that were sent him read as he does, but the other copies make two articles, as in fact they evidently are.
  • The indignation excited by Leo X.'s sale of indulgences, the moral rage stirred in Northern hearts by papal abominations in Rome, were external causes which precipitated the schism between Teutonic and Latin Christianity.
  • In 1828 a still higher tariff act, the so-called "Bill of Abominations," was passed, avowedly for the purpose of protection.
  • In 1832 a new tariff act was passed, which removed the "abominations" of 1828 but left the principle of protection intact.
  • The great towns are wholly given up to the abominations of the From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.