Sentence Examples

  • This young Mahratta, since known to universal execration as the arch-villain of the Mutiny, was secretly burning with a sense of injury received from the Indian government.
  • "No tears are shed for nations," cried Francis, whose sympathy for the Revolution was as passionate as Burke's execration of it.
  • Marat's name was long an object of execration on account of his insistence on the death penalty.
  • Benedict, however, was obliged to bow before the execration of the Romans.
  • Execration of Haman, as the typical persecutor of the Jews, took various forms. In Germany wooden mallets were used in the synagogue to beat the benches when Haman's name was read out from the scroll of Esther, and during the festivities these mallets were sometimes used on the heads of the bystanders.