Sentence Examples

  • He at first taught mathematics at Yale; but in 1895 was made assistant professor of political economy, and in 1898 professor.
  • William Livingston graduated at Yale College in 1741, studied law in the city of New York, and was admitted to the bar in 1748.
  • He was editor of the Yale Review, 1896-1910.
  • His father, Alphonso Taft (1810-1891), born in Townshend, Vermont, graduated at Yale College in 1833, became a tutor there, studied law at the Yale Law School, was admitted to the Connecticut bar in 1838, removed to Cincinnati in 1839, and became one of the most influential citizens of Ohio.
  • He graduated at Yale in 1758 and in 1761 was admitted to the bar, but instead of practising became a merchant at Wethersfield, Conn.